I’m a life-long artist creating crazy textiles. I like to begin work with very basic materials: bolts of white silk and dyes of primary hues only. Using a variety of techniques: Arashi Shibori, Origami, Stitching, Hand-moulding; I try to achieve a balance of sculptural effects with appropriate level of custom color blending, painting, discharge, and overdyeing, until the resulting textile form creates a spark. I then enter a dialogue with this new fabric and together we seek a path to the most wearable form for the final piece.

From childhood I was an intuitive, hands-on artist. Crayons were not just colors. Each hue had a detailed personality, some even associated with a certain number and such. My 3D experiments went way beyond Play-doh. I carved and populated tiny cliff-towns in the California clay or ‘re-purposed’ native plants into pretty or quasi-useful objects.

Although my motivation to create was internally driven, I did attend the University of Washington and finished two degrees: a BFA in Painting (with additional studies in Puppetry and Sculpture), as well as a BA in Psychology. Ultimately, I got the most education just satisfying my own curiosity.

fehike wreath1

To me, what we wear is not trivial. It can have real power. I love to think we each may choose how much we want to express, as well as to conceal, on any given day; that wearables may serve us as armor, or express our wildest aspirations, or just boost the joy! Why not?